Mental Health Check – Weekly Wind Down 4.1


I think the last time I posted I was talking about my Mothers Day downer, well that lasted a little longer than a day. I was on an inexplicable low the past couple of weeks and only now do I feel like I’m coming out of the fog a little. I’m not sure if it was pre-holiday stress, financial niggles or just the general weight of life that was getting to me but I was in one hell of a funk.

Anxiety and mental health are buzz words these days and they’ve come to lose some meaning for me as a result but I spent time with friends, gave myself a major break internet-wise and am now very much looking forward to our holiday this week. I’m hoping it will serve as a mental reset and that the weather will be less grey when we return.

Nothing quite like sunshine therapy, is there? (well, I suppose real therapy but, y’know!)

I don’t do well with lots of tasks or problems at once, I’m very much a ‘head in the sand’ type because I just can’t handle a stack of to-do’s and I think it felt like I’d pushed aside one too many and they were catching up. It’s ‘in’ to be ‘busy’ now and I speak to blogging friends who tell me it’s all about the hustle but sometimes I just can’t hustle. I get so wrapped up in numbers and how many people watched this or read this or liked this that the this becomes less important and (let’s face it) less interesting all round.

It’s not a crime to take time off but the algorithms punish you and did you know, I heard the most successful instagrammers are spending 2hrs a day on the platform? Well I could do that! I wanted to cut back my videos to once a week this year but only a month in and I was back up to 2.. it’s a hamster wheel and we’re all on some kind of crack that wont let us off, I swear!

Anyway, I’m feeling less funky and ready to relocate my addiction for a week. I will be vlogging, taking photos and (possibly) doing a little daily run down here on my blog but honestly? for those of you who always implore me to take a real break, I can’t. If I don’t want to do something I’m not going to do it (that in itself is a larger step than you’d think) but this is my escapism!

It’s important to take your mental temperature from time to time, just to be sure everything is as it should be. I get bogged down from time to time (with real world problems, not this nonsense) and when that happens and I need to cut back on things I may disappear for a while. I will always be around but I’m realising that prioritising is key to my side hustle success.

Hope you’re all feeling well. Maybe it’s the weather?


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