Midnight Lilac

So I filmed a tutorial but something happened to my camera and I now want to throw it at the wall because all I’m left with are these not so hot photos! Grr!!! I promise to re-film but it will have to wait til I can figure out a solution to my Nikon’s problem because I’m not doing it again for nothing and tutorials on my phone are fuzzy at best! So fingers crossed I’m back up and running soon in the meantime let me know what you think of what will now be the “preview”…

Oil slick all over the lid with grifter blended from the brow bone down and over the black lightening it up and adding a sparklier dimension. I also used grifter on the inner corners and oil slick on the outer over zero 24/7 liner pencil.

I’m actually wearing this in this video..
So check it out!


I’m uploading a re-filmed tutorial now and here are the photos I took… MUCH better quality, hope you like 🙂

Miss BB

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