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I posted pictures of these polishes on Instagram on Friday and had SO many questions about them, I was going to wait until after Christmas to blog them but I decided the sooner the better. You can expect to see more Models Own in the coming months as my recent Clothes Show purchases have reignited my interest in the brand. They do such fun and unusual shades and formulas.. I will be adding to my collection for sure. IMG_0528

The three in question today are the limited edition Midori collection which (correct me if I’m wrong) can only be bought as a set online here for £15.00. Aside from the colours of course the most interesting feature to this line is that they’re scented.. and they’re actually decent. The last fragranced polish I tried was absolutely rubbish but there is a strong melon scent present when applying, once dry and even when removing it.. I was impressed! It’s hard to choose a standout colour, I think the one I’ll wear most is ‘Golden Green’, a beautiful duo chrome finish that I’d liken to MAC’s Sumptuous Olive eye shadow.. a really wearable green! The neon ‘My Midori’ is also oddly entitcing and you’ll be seeing it again in a New Year series I have planned (3 guesses what the theme will be 😉 ) but I think the winner has to be the ‘Dancing Queen’ glitter top coat. I love the various sized/coloured glitter pieces, a little more interesting than your average and a good smattering on each nail.


Dancing Queen launched with the Mirror Ball collection and can be bought separately here and Golden Green is part of the Beetlejuice line and can be bought on its own here. The benefit of buying the set is that you get the limited edition ‘My Midori’ neon AND all three of the colours are scented which is so bizarre to me. They’ve reformulated permenant polishes just for this collection.. you’d think they’d have come up with totally new ones but hey ho.. I’m sure there’s logic behind it.

If you are interested there does seem to be a dupe (or very close) for the Midori shade – Toxic Apple – but I like the scented/branded gimmick and if you have nothing like these three in your collection I’d recommend the set!

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  1. 23 December, 2013 / 1:56 pm

    i would never consider wearing green nail polish until i saw this. thank you for changing my mind xx

  2. 26 December, 2013 / 6:24 pm

    Lovely shades. And I love midori. Yum xx

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