Milani Grandissimo

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was recently sent some Milani items from Beauty Crowd (you can see my mini haul and giveaway here) so you can expect a couple more posts on the brand over the next week or two. First up is a mascara that I wasn’t all that sure about since the brush is HUGE and that’s not usually my thing but with a little practice it actually gives really nice natural looking volume. I prefer a lengthening and seperating when I looking for high impact, I don’t have much in the lash department so I find that most volumising formulas just clump but a coat or two of this gives good definition without it being ‘too much’ – kind of ‘daytime volume’ if you will.

before afterIt’s still not my favourite, the brush is large and cumbersome so I’m still struggling to keep from getting it on my lids (and failing) but if I can get along with it imagine how much you’d love it if you actually prefer a brush like this!! One last point.. Why don’t we get mascara packaged in the same way that they do in the states? They have the brush seperate in the packet so you can see it before you buy it. I think the brush is at least 80% of the whole thing.. formula is important but not AS important so if you have to guess what the brish looks like from a (usually inaccurate) doodle on the back of the tube it can lead to major diappointment when you get it home. I’m sure it’s cheaper the way we do it but still.. it’s one of the only things I envy about US drugstores.. that being said I wouldn’t trade our testers!

Available online here for £6.00

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