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You guys know I am occasionally sent things from Miners to review.. By far my favourite Miners product is their nail polish so I was really excited when I arrived home to a surprise parcel.. their 5 new Autumn/Winter Shades!!! I have tried them out a little over the past couple of weeks so… here are some swatches and my review 🙂
First of all… the shades are all pretty festive right? The deep shimmery reds and gold are very in keeping with the season and have real depth in the bottle but will that colour translate to your nails when dry?
In short.. yes… check out these promo pics followed by a little swatch of each and see for yourself!



So what did I think overall?
Let’s have an individual run down shall we?
Mulberry Shimmer
Has a gorgeous depth to it with a real wine red offset with gold shimmer.. very much a Christmas shade!
It’s a good colour for those not wanting to experiment too much but still wanting something with a bit of a kick. It’s definitely the “safe” choice of the collection but I like it!
I have to say, I wasn’t expecting to like this one.. I’m not one to be in to GOLD but it’s really not.. it’s a really wearable gold.. it’s more of a warm coppery/bronze colour than a full on yellow gold.. I wouldn’t necassarilly wear this all the time.. it’s not my usual colour, but I definitely wouldn’t rule out wearing it again. It’s a real change of pace but still didn’t seem too daring.
Dorothy’s Shoes
LOVE IT! it’s your basic metallic red really. I wouldn’t say it had “sparkle” like the promo suggests but it’s still pretty. Red is a shade you can wear all year round but the shimmer really transforms it for the party season…very nice!
Midnight Lavender
I love purple… It’s my favourite colour so I was expecting a lot of this shade.. I really wanted to love it and I’m pleased to say I really do! On a personal note I love lavender shades on my nails as it goes really nicely with the amethysts in my engagement ring… but that aside this is a beautiful colour.. by far the stand out of the A/W launch! It’s a kind of greyish lavender… and a great way of introducing a blue hue to your collection without going all out “frostbite fingers”
I was really looking forward to this one.. Since I discovered Rimmels Matte TopCoat I’ve really wanted to try a full on Matte nail polish but this is not it at all! Putting aside the obvious flash that was used in my swatch.. it just wasn’t matte.. it maybe wasn’t QUITE as shiny as the other formulas but it wasn’t far off.. Overall none of the polishes are exactly “high-shine” I’d say LBD is more of a satin than a matte.. a disappointment!
So what are your thoughts?
I pretty much love this collection, I think the colour choices were really great for the season I already like Miners formula etc so they were halfway there I guess!
miss bb

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