Miners Matte Effect

Fiesta, Barely Buff, Wonderland, Vixen

Last week I received 12 newly launched lip colours from Miners and being the dutiful blogger that I am I immediately swatted and photographed them all but am only just getting around to posting no (oops)
There are 4 new regular Lip Colours, 4 new Moisture Effect and the 4 I am showing you today.. Matte Effect. You all know how much I LOVED their Matte Factor lip paints so when I opened these newly reformulated matte shades I was pretty excited, and they didn’t disappoint. 
They go on beautifully and although they don’t look so matte in the picture below (they were freshly swatched) they dry quickly without feeling dry on your poor winter lips. As you’d imagine due to their matte finish they are longer wearing than your average lipstick which I always appreciate and the colours are beautiful. The pink and the nude aren’t quite my colouring which is a real shame because they swatch so nicely but I’m sure I’ll make them work.

My last thought will be on packaging. The old packaging felt cheap (sorry Miners but it did). I liked the colour indicator on the lid.. All lipsticks should have one in my opinion, very handy, but otherwise it was just a bit rubbish. They seem to have really upped their game where packaging is concerned withe their rent launches.. it’s all looking a bit more drugstore and a little less pharmacy (where the brand is currently stocked). They have great quality products but previously I don’t think I’d have looked twice at a stand whereas now they’re just… better! On the left you can see ‘barely buff’ when these lipsticks were called ‘Fashion Matte’. Since the revamp the colour indicator remains but  I’m sure you’ll agree the whole thing just looks a little more lush!

Overall I’m really impressed with these new offerings and I’ll be following this up with swatches of the other formulas too.. some of which I actually prefer.
You can purchase these here for £3.99
Miss BB



  1. 15 February, 2012 / 10:21 pm

    these look really nice. i really like the pink, wuld be interesting to see you in the nude shade as its so different. really impressed with this brand from what i see on here!!!

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