Miss Sporty – Be Connected – REVIEW

I am uploading a video as I type (I’ll link it up once it’s available)
I did a video on these Be Connected products a few months ago when I bought them but at that point I hadn’t really had a chance to use them. Last weekend we went away and so I saw it as the perfect opportunity to try them out! They are perfect for travelling so.. why not?
I have 2 eyeshadows, 2 concealers, 2 lipglosses, a liquid eyeliner and a mascara.
They all snap together so they appear to be one product… See below..
In theory it’s a great idea!
But in practice… how are they?
LIPGLOSS – Fabulous! Great consistency, great colour choices, smells gorgeous, and it’s relatively sticky so it stays on but it’s not SO sticky it’s uncomfortable on the lips.
EYESHADOW – Love the colours I got (swatches of everything are below) they blend really nicely or you can put them on a little thicker and the pay off is really dense, very metallic. Problem with these, as with most cream shadows, is that it didn’t last! Otherwise I really liked the shadows.
CONCEALER – Only 3 colour options available, I bought the lightest and darkest intending to blend them but they go on pretty thick and don’t look natural.. they would do as an emergency fix but you wouldn’t replace your usual concealer with them.
EYELINER – The brush isn’t small/defined enough for a good line and the formula is too thin so you have to go over the line several times to get a really opaque black, you end up getting a much thicker line that you want as a result… thumbs down! (and I gave it a really good go)
MASCARA – It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a bog standard cheap mascara, it does the job but doesn’t thicken or lengthen, it’s nothing special. It’s the same price as NYC’s mascaras and theirs are so much better for the money! I wouldn’t recommend it but as a travel product it’s not THAT bad.
All products are £1.99
L-R – two eyeshadows, liquid liner, 2 concealers, 2 lipglosses
(I don’t know the names/shade numbers but the range is not huge)

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