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I received this a few days ago and I must admit I was initially disappointed. When THX first contacted me and asked if I’d like to try a hair tool from their new range (available at Tesco) I was initially skeptical as I’m not huge on heat styling anymore but have pretty much every iron wand and dryer under the sun so I didn’t see ‘the point’ and I don’t like to review something just for the sake of it. I was pushed over the edge when I found that they produce their own version of the ever popular Babyliss Big Hair that I have wanted to try for the longest time. Given my excitement over the dupe you can see how I was a touch less enthusiastic so to receive straighteners. Never ungrateful I of course still intended to give them a test run but fully expected to have given them away by now, I already own a pair of wide plate GHDs and thinner Babyliss’s for my now short hair.. why would I need a 3rd hair straightener?

I wont bore you with the spec, you can read that on their site but this is without a doubt the best hair tool I now own. As the name suggests it is not just a straightening iron.. oh no. With anything else I’ve tried the closest thing to a curl I achieved was a bit of a wave.. kinky at best. Not only does this make it easy, it makes quick work of a full head of tumbling ringlet style curls on my lovely assistant’s head (below). I’m the reviewer that picks fault rather than gushes about everything she receives but I really am struggling to give you a con to this.. the only thing that was maybe a touch annoying is the size of the thing. It was a bit cumbersome given that I’m used to working with smaller, lightweight plates but it feels substantial and the larger, rounded ‘barrel’ definitely adds to it’s effectiveness. Another thing I really liked was the light up heat dial.. I know it’s no different to every other styler but placing the light in such a way it illuminates the number.. I know it’s not only me that appreciates these little details!

Here you can see the three styles I created, waves, straight, curls, all within less than half an hour total.. that’s pretty impressive but then I did have to borrow my daughters head. I’ll show you a style on my own soon I just thought for my initial review she was a better hair model than I…

I have never been more jealous of a 7 year old hair than I was of Ella’s in that last picture!

THX – Total Hair Experts Launched their range today. You can visit their site here, buy their products from Tesco online here and tweet them here.

The straightening iron retails for £44.94 but I’m still very interested in their hot air styler which is a bargainous £24.95 ..think I will have to have it!

Miss BB

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  2. 1 April, 2013 / 11:48 pm

    THX looks like an amazing product! My hair is long and naturally curly. I like to style it straight or occasionally curly. Thanks for trying it on your daughter’s hair.

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