Models Own Midori – Neon New Year


It wasn’t long since you saw this colour on my blog but I had to include it in my neon new year series, didn’t I? I have another green coming up that’s not quite so neon and actually no longer available so although this is limited edition I thought it was worth posting as you can still get it right now and I love it. It’s part of the Midori collection so it’s scented with melon (Midori is a melon liqueur) and it really does smell good. The colour you see here is 2 coats which is good going for a bright like this and I find Models Own polishes to be pretty good for chip resistence too.. although Seche Vite top coat is my secret weapon when it comes to that. A lovely neon that if you’re interested I’d recommend you snap up while it’s still available.

The Midori trio is available online here for £15.00

Miss BB



  1. 2 January, 2014 / 7:03 pm

    I love this nail polish.

  2. 3 January, 2014 / 2:37 am

    Oooh – I love this! I actually hovered over a neon pink in the shops the other day as it was so lovely – I didn’t know neons were back in. Takes me back to my 80’s/90’s childhood. Will defo be indulging.
    Love Vicky

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