Modern Updo #7Days7Ways With @UmbertoGiannini


This is the seventh and final in my Umberto Giannini series and you may be breathing a sign of relief.. sick of my hair tutorials? Well just imagine how sick of them my HAIR is!? I’ll be deep conditioning for a week trying to recover from all the backcombing! That aside this look involved backcombing my ENDS and I’d still wear it again, it’s so easy, works even if your hair isn’t perfectly clean (if not better) and makes it look like you’ve made a huge effort. A great one to have on hand for those mornings when your hair just wont ‘go’ and better still if you get a last minute party invite.. very season appropriate!

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 21.10.43Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 21.10.58Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 21.11.16Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 21.11.28Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 21.11.43

For the above steps in action watch the below video

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Miss BB

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  1. 23 December, 2013 / 11:54 pm

    I either wear my hair like this or a fishtail. (or just a simple bun or nothing but that only happens when I’ve washed my hair in the morning and let it dry in the air.) But I never backcomb it though. There’s to much hair. I just make a high ponytail and make a messy knot/bun and tie it with another hair tie.. Never thought it would look good on me, but it’s one of my favorites now.

  2. 31 December, 2013 / 7:12 pm

    Love this hairstyle! It’s so quick and simple and perfect for my lazy days:) Also, it really, really suits you! 🙂 x

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