Monday, Monday #2


Clockwise – New makeup room set up, Saturday morning at work, New wedding ring, Wind and rain.

I can’t believe that we’ll be in New York in less than 2 weeks time! I am ridiculously excited now so I apologise in advance if next weeks Monday, Monday segment is just a rambly mess! As I type I have some calamari in the oven and some marinara sauce on the hob.. yum! This week as been a busy one, I’ve been working a lot both to get as much stuff blog wise done as possible so that I can take some real time off when we go away and at my office job where it’s been manic too. There’s also the potential for me to start a new, much higher paid, much higher stress job soon which I’m deliberating over. I love my little routine right now, I have a basic admin job a couple of days a week that gets me out of the house and stops me from getting blogger brain and never getting out of my pyjamas but my blog is my main gig so I hadn’t planned on taking on anything more. It’s such a great opportunity that I think I will have to take it but it’s been playing on my mind this week. The weather hasn’t been awesome but hey, at least we aren’t suffering from a Polar Vortex like.. NEW YORK.. We’ve been checking the forecast daily and it looks like it will warm up in the next 2 weeks but the last time we went at the same time of year we were snowed in so knowing our luck..! On a positive I go my anniversary gift early, Lee had planned to buy me something while we were over there as I had him but he saw a coat he loved a few weeks ago so I bought that for him and I saw a rose gold eternity ring that was JUST what I’d been looking for so he bought it for me. It seemed fitting as an anniversary present. I had been looking for something to have as an alternate wedding band that would let me mix metals (ie: buy a rose gold watch I’ve had my eye on) without contrasting too much but I will post on that separately soon, it’s a beautiful ring as I opted for CZs so very affordable too! Last night I had ANOTHER switcharound of my makeup room… I do love to move furniture! I had my computer in there over Christmas to make room for the tree but the combination of units took up way too much space and other than sitting down to film I avoided spending time in there. Now, although I still have in crammed with storage and counter space it flows better and I can actually get around the room. I’ve also arranged everything so that my lightbox can be up permenantly without feeling in the way.. perfect! I will do a little ‘tour’ soon.

So that’s the run down of my week. Little Milo bear has had an ear infection, poor boo, so we’ve had some late nights and early mornings but he seems to be picking up now and he’s currently sitting next to me watching Cars and playing with Ellas Furby, Ziggy! What’s happened in your world this week?

Miss BB


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