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This was a gift from Emma for my birthday (or maybe a late Christmas present? I forget) back in January. She knew I loved Mr. Kate and we had talked about the book briefly when it was released but it was a total surprise. One of those things I’d probably have never got round to buying for myself.. and they’re the best gifts, aren’t they? I initially thought it would be full of DIY’s that I would browse and read at random so it sat on my shelf for a few of months while my inner crafter lay dormant. One sunny day (it was sunny once in England) I was sitting in the garden and decided to pick it up.. it was not what I expected.


There are crafts, of course, DIY style and home bits that are often beyond me but inspire me to try them but the real content is autobiographical. Kate writes about her childhood, her short lived acting career and her relationship with shocking candour, I was already a fan but only a few chapters in I was in love. YouTubers are often put on a pedestal of perfection and she just refuses to sit up there. The ethos of Mr Kate is fun and creativity, anyone can try anything without fear of judgement.. because WHY NOT? Kate has made YouTube her career but also has a successful jewellery/accessories business and a team of people working with her on all manner of new projects at any one time. It would be easy to see her as a spoiled rich kid but you just don’t get that vibe, she’s funny, honest and incredibly humble.

Stories about sleeping with Tiger Woods and befriending a hooker only make her more endearing. She’s not here to impress you she just wants to share her stories, make you laugh and inspire you. She does that for me and I’d highly recommend you check out her book!




    • missbudgetbeauty
      31 May, 2016 / 10:19 am

      oh, you will love her!

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