MUA Super Stylo Swatches


The problem I have with beauty reviews these days is that I really like to test things out before I give my opinion. So after announcing the return of beauty blogging last month and taking photos of everything I wanted to feature, I hit a wall. I only have the one face, it was a lot of products and I was just about to go on holiday. I was overwhelmed and shelved it all until I came back. Now I’m asking you, when it comes to colour cosmetics (lipsticks etc) would you rather I just get out the swatches asap with my first impressions? I’m sure that’s what I used to do but in this over saturated beauty world I kind of fell out of love with that new, new, new approach on YouTube and that resolve tricked through to the blog too.

I’m thinking, snappy ‘look what’s new’ posts like this and then collective ‘here’s what I love’ posts every now and then. Would that work for you? Answers on a postcard, please.

I couldn’t go another moment without showing these new(ish) MUA lip colours, though. This is what pushed me to finally pull my finger out and log on. I’ve been testing them out here and there over the past month and not only are they lush (very hydrating and summer appt) but I’m really enjoying the twist up stylo style! If you’re still in to a full colour lip (which I’m currently falling back in love with) but looking for something for the warmer weather, these are perfect and look super swish for their £3 price tag!

MUA Super Stylo Lipsticks are available online from Superdrug


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  1. Jodie653
    1 May, 2019 / 3:14 pm

    For things like this swatches are the most important thing for me. I’m always looking for swatches online. I don’t understand why brands don’t include swatches on their website. When it comes to lipsticks and blushes I feel like they’re all the same anyway so the colour, finish and packaging are all I’m concerned about.

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