Mummy Monday Mayhem

Some of your will be aware that now I’m back to work I have Mondays off to spend with Milo and do my YouTube/blogging. I really miss daily vlogging so yesterday I did a little.. and it ended up being a little more than a little so I split it up in to two parts… So for those interested in daily life type videos.. I present – Mummy Monday Mayhem!

Miss BB



  1. Carmel
    18 September, 2012 / 6:49 pm

    Hi Khila, apologies if this seems like a strange place to request this. I have a fancy dress party soon and the theme is 90s celebrity. I think I am going to go for Courtney Love since her look is COMPLETELY different to my usual kind of plain everyday look (well since kids haha).I feel like some of the more “professional” blogs/channels will turn this request down or just ignore it – you just seem more down to earth and willing to experiment occasionally. I’m at a loss at how to achieve her hair (I actually have blonde shoulder length hair so it would be pointless buying a wig when I’m half way there?) would a temporary rinse achieve that brassyness? What about the messyness? (excuse my English). And I am terrible with make-up. I just want to let my hair down and show I can be chilled out sometimes. I feel like in everyday life I’m not making enough effort and come across as boring. How do you stay so attractive when you have two young children?!

    • missbudgetbeauty
      21 September, 2012 / 1:45 pm

      aww, so sweet! Thank you! I don’t think children make you less attractive but I think a lot of mums stop caring so much about their appearance when kids come along.. I wish I could be like that, it would save me lots of time haha but I’m too vain is the truth!
      you can buy yellow/golden blonde toners which would probably achieve a brassiness but if I were you I’d go for a matte wax and just do the messy hair. Garnier do a surf wax that smells amazing and would give you that piecey choppy look you’re after. Makeup wise the less you know the better I’d say, he makeup is pretty terrible most of the time so badly applied eyeliner and smudgy dark lipstick and you’re there xx

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