My Boys On TV!

After talking up the new Boots Christmas ad yesterday I totally forgot to mention that 2 of my very own featured in an advert at the weekend. If you follow me on twitter you will no doubt have seen my constant chatter about it but I thought it would be better to put it in to a more coherent form and embed the video here so that you can watch. How it happened I’ll never quite be sure of but an agency found a video of mine (which was by no means by best work) and asked if they could use a clip of it in an upcoming advert. I’m certain I was told it would be going out in the US only so I was excited but not that excited as nobody was ever going to see it so imagine my surprise when the messages flooded in on Saturday from people having seen it on everything from Sky Sports to the XFactor.. madness! I was of course paid for the clip they took, nothing major  but a nominal fee for those wondering if google had been super sneaky but the finished ad is really good and although the clip is just a couple of seconds long Milo and Lee have been on TV and that’s pretty cool!

And for those that would like to see the original video..

You can see why I’m surprised they even found the video in the first place, it’s not one of my best but I guess it epitomises the message, either way it will be a good story for Milo to tell when he’s big.

Miss BB



  1. Stephanie
    20 November, 2012 / 3:16 pm

    I must be totally blind cause I can’t see them! haha What part are they in and that might narrow it down?

  2. Lucy
    20 November, 2012 / 11:14 pm

    That’s awesome!

  3. Gemma
    21 November, 2012 / 5:52 am

    I must be missing it I didn’t see them in the ad :/

    • 22 November, 2012 / 10:16 pm

      It’s the bit at about 0.13

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