My Childrens Story

I got my old computer back from my Ex today and on it look what I found..
My little “childrens story ” lol
I remember this VAGUELY!
It was based on a day in the life of Ella when she was maybe 2..
Have a read.. love finding old stuff I’ve forgotten about, I’m very nostalgic 🙂

Mamar is Grandma
Nandad is Grandad

Baby School
Hello! My names Ella. I am a big girl I know ‘cause my Mummy says. The thing is I am a big girl but My Daddy Takes me to Baby School!
I was just saying to my Mamar the other day about how I am a big girl and she was agreeing and I think My Daddy doesn’t know.
My Mamar picks me up from nursery most days after her work. I don’t know what my Mamar does at her work. Sometimes she goes to her work wearing odd shoes so that Nandad doesn’t wake up.
I don’t know what Mamar does at her work but It must be important ‘Cause shes my Mamar!
Today Mamar got to Baby School just in time I was getting very angry because the babies were playing shops. Now I know all about shops ‘cause my other Nandad has a shop and I help him all the time. I was trying to tell the babies they were doing it wrong and they weren’t listening. Matthew was shouting and I was shouting and I was so angry I had to bite Matthews arm.
Matthew cried.
Teacher made me say sorry and do Matthew a hug but after I told him I never wanted to do him a hug ‘cause he’s a stupid baby and it wasn’t my fault he didn’t know about shops. Stupid babies.
Mamar came in to get me anyway, Mamar is very high up and she lifts me up away from the Babies which is good. On the way home I told Mamar about how I am a big girl and about the shop and Matthew and that Im not going back to Baby School.
Mamar just said “The wheels on the bus go round and round round and round the wheels…..”
Nobody takes me seriously around here.
When I get back to Mamars I have some toast and share it with the dog. I told the dog all about how I am a big girl and the shop and Matthew and Mamar and how I am not going back to baby school and he just ate my toast. I was angry with the dog the same as Matthew because he wasn’t listening to me and I was so angry I had to nip him. He nipped me back which made me cry and Mamar told him off. Stupid Dog.
My Daddy came to get me from Mamars after her finished work and he gave me a big cuddle. I knew Daddy would understand.
When we get home I have my BotBot and we have our Bedtime Storybook time. My Mummy normally does my Bedtime Storybook Time but when she is working late Daddy does it. I don’t know what my Mummy does at her work but It is late so maybe it is something to do with the moon. Whatever my Mummy does at work I am sure it must be important because shes my Mummy.
Daddy and I start reading our story. Sometimes Daddy is to tired so I have to read to him but its okay coz we always read the same book about the big wide mouthed frog it is daddys favourite and he picks it every time. Daddy tells me about what will happen tomorrow and when I will be picked up after his work. I don’t know what my Daddy does at his work but he does not dress smartly not like my nandad so maybe he works on the radio when it doesn’t matter what you look like, that’s what mummy always says about the radio. I don’t know what Daddy does for his work but he must be important because hes my Daddy.
I tell Daddy all about my Day at Baby School. I tell him all how I’m a big girl and about the shop and Matthew and Mamar and the Dog and how Im not going back to Babyschool anymore.
Daddy just says “Night Night Ella see you in the morning”
I’m not going back to baby school I don’t care what anybody says. Its full of babies and im a big girl.
I think about today and the shop and Matthew and Mamar and the Dog and I think…
I didn’t really mean to bite Matthew I suppose its not his fault hes a baby and he doesn’t know things like me.
And I think I didn’t mean to hurt The Dog he wasn’t listening coz he was eating my toast and Doggies cant do more than one thing at once..
I think I don’t really hate Matthew and the Dog they are okay really.
I think maybe I should be at baby school coz they need someone to look after them.
I think I will go back to baby school tomorrow. Otherwise how else will they know about shops?



  1. 11 October, 2010 / 8:25 am

    Lool so cute the way you wrote the words wrong how a baby would say it xx

  2. Rachel aka abutterflysangels
    17 August, 2012 / 8:44 pm

    omgg this is so so cute! xx

    • missbudgetbeauty
      18 August, 2012 / 6:04 pm

      thank you x

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