My Dream Closet


In our current house I have my smallest adult bedroom to date and yet my closet space is EPIC. Storage and space saving were key when we were planning our purchases ahead of move-in last December and since we were finally without built in wardrobes I decided to treat myself to the IKEA system I’d been lusting after since the dawn of YouTube closet tours .


This was quite possibly my favourite thing about moving this time around, in fact I enlisted help from a friend and had them erected (calm down) before I put our bed in, DAY ONE! There are a million combinations of rails, shelves and thingamabobs to add to the system which appeals massively to this changeaholic but to keep costs down I initially went for the basics with a view to add bells and whistles later. I’ve already moved the rails and shelves a few times, added drawers, pull outs and LIGHTS – but just to one cupboard.. it was very fiddly and pricier than I feel I can justify.

I don’t keep my wardrobes particularly tidy so the overview isn’t exactly pinterest-worthy but I thought I would share it for perspective. We filled one wall with a 75cm, 2x 100cm and 1 50cm giving an almost perfect built-in-looking fit. We also chose the taller of the 2 heights since our ceilings are suprisingly high for a new-build and if you have the space I’d recommend the taller units! They were a bit of a pain to put together (more so than the regular, I’m told) but worth for those extra inches of storage space.


The ‘ahhh’ element really came later once I’d added the extra shelves and lights to my ‘special cupboard’ and although I don’t think it’s worth it for my clothing rail I would buy the lights and glass shelf again in a heartbeat to display my lovelier things. Of course, I’d love a walk in wardrobe like Mariahs with racks on racks of shoes and store-like displays for my bags and accessories but we make do, don’t we 😉 .. and what I’ve settled for in our compact space doesn’t really feel much like settling at all.

IKEA PAX WARDROBE CLOSET SYSTEM UK IDEASIKEA PAX WARDROBE CLOSET SYSTEM UK IDEASIKEA PAX WARDROBE CLOSET SYSTEM UK IDEASIKEA PAX WARDROBE CLOSET SYSTEM UK IDEASI realise now that I’m yet to share pictures of our bedroom in full and I’ve moved it around 2 or 3 times already in a bid to find the optimum layout for the best space. Right now we have our bed against the wall (I’m on the wall side, it was my idea) which is something I was adamant wouldn’t happen and is actually one of the reasons Milo ended up with the larger room that should have been ours. His room is an odd shape and after measuring I decided a double wouldn’t fit unless it was under the window (which I also didn’t want but is where our bed has been for months) or against the wall. Ultimately I’m glad he has the larger room because he spends more time in it than we do in ours, he and his sister play in there and it’s where all the toys live but there are times when Lee and I are on top of each other (I said calm down!) and that extra space would be nice.



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  1. Melissa
    4 July, 2017 / 12:39 pm

    Wow it’s amazing ! You made the most of every inch of space good job! It looks awesome !

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