My Dream NYE

IMG_0993So these pictures were taken months ago and at the time I thought ‘this would be the perfect New Years Eve dress’ but REALLY.. not so much. In my mind New Years Eve is a clip from a film, specifically The Holiday, where they all dress in suits and cocktail dresses and even the children and beautifully behaved and the whole evening is perfect. That’s not really New Years Eve is it? Either you don’t have kids and you’re out somewhere that’s absolutely rammed and not super comfortable until midnight when you have to queue for hours at the taxi rank to get home. Alternatively perhaps you have small ones at home that keep your plans family oriented and home-based. For the longest time I was jealous of people who got to go out for NYE (having Ella at 19 means I’ve never really done it) but at 29 I can’t think of anything I’d like to do less.

IMG_0997IMG_0992At the same time the same old evening isn’t doing it for me any more either. I crave something a little more glamorous. In future years I see us celebrating with friends and family in a hotel, I’ve heard about people doing this and it sounds FABULOUS! Everyone has their own limit and expectations and a collective gathering at a third party venue means everyone can leave when they like/stay up as long as they want and even potentially go for a nap and return refreshed for the countdown. I’ve always wanted to get really dressed up for a party a la The Holiday and if I was to I think this would be ‘the dress’ but it wont be this year. IMG_1007

Cocktail Dress – Lindy Bop (currently 10% off) / Shoes – Christian Louboutin Ron Ron / Sunglasses – Kate Spade / Belt – Primark / Necklaces – mix of Kate Spade, Tiffany & Baublebar / Watch – Michael Kors 5020 / Hair – Sad.. but it’s days away from finally getting some professional attention!! (post to come)

We are doing something a LITTLE different however, we’re having my parents over to our house rather than the opposite which means the littlest one can go to bed when he’s ready and remain undisturbed when we finally retire rather than being hauled out of one bed and in to another via a short car ride. I will be making the food and drinks and this evening I plan to slightly tweak my decor and perhaps even create a playlist.. I know, I’m an animal! I will share after the event and might even bust out my sequin sweat pants for the occasion but I thought I’d ask the question.. what do you WISH you did for New Years vs what you actually do? Is it just me that has delusions of NYE grandeur or have the movies fed in to your imagination too?

Miss BB

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  1. Eilish Hudson
    30 December, 2015 / 7:47 pm

    Happy new year to you! I’ve had such an awful year and your blog and YouTube videos have been my go to, lovely little bit of normal when I have needed a distraction most this year. Thank you for such honest and refreshing posts all the time. Enjoy your little gathering xx

  2. 30 December, 2015 / 9:15 pm

    This is a lovely outfit but I couldn’t agree more with NYE never being quite how you want it to be! Have a lovely NYE at home Xx

  3. Sarah
    31 December, 2015 / 7:13 pm

    Comforting to know that i’m not the only one who is forever chasing the ‘perfect’ NYE! If i go out i moan that i’m cold, sober and my feet hurt. I stay in and i get the fear of missing out. I’m never happy! The hotel seems like a perfect solution. This NYE i will be sitting at home in my pjays. I might even go completely wild and have a lush bath haha. Happy New Year! x

  4. 1 January, 2016 / 5:47 pm

    The hotel idea sounds fabulous! I agree that NYE is not as glamorous as it seems most of the time. This time we booked bowling in New Brighton on the wirral with a couple of friends. It wasn’t too mad since New Brighton’s quite a small place. My friend lives very nearby so we walked there and back and stayed the night and didn’t have to worry about getting home. It was £25 for unlimited bowling, free arcade games, buffet, glass of bubbly and discounted lazer quest. I wouldn’t have thought about anything like that apart from the fact we go bowling there with hubby’s work friends sometimes and saw it advertised, it was fun actually!
    Em x

  5. Sophie
    4 January, 2016 / 1:33 pm

    When I was younger we used to go to family parties which i LOVED! Then I did the whole clubbing/pubbing thing and I realised that it was pretty rubbish… Super expensive, full of drunk people, and took ages to get home!!

    As i’ve gotten a bit older, i’m not really one for massively celebrating NYE. If I could have a house party with a few guests, I would. This year we went to London Fireworks (watched from Southbank!) but mine and my partners dream NYE would be a cruise! xx

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