My Favourite 2TRUE products

Recently the kind people at 2True sent me some items to review (ha, that rhymes!) 
They asked me to choose my favourite products and review them. I pretty much already have my favourites so the good news is that most of the items sent to me will go into a lovely giveaway for you guys!
First up is their concealer, 
I would liken it to Maybellines 24h concealer that I rave about… its great coverage, yellow based (cancels out redness) and has light reflecting particles to disguise dark circles.
Below is the 2True wand next to the maybelline (l-r) for comparison
Next up is the colour drench lipgloss
This has been likened to MAC lipglasses and I can see why. The formula is very similar, as is the applicator (but I guess so are many) The smell is vanilla… remind me A LOT of a car air freshener but I don’t hate it. For the amount of product you get it’s really amazing value and that is why it’s made my favourites.
Below you can see the applicator compared to a MAC lipglass (l-r) for comparison
If you haven’t already tried 2True eyeliner you need to rush out and buy one right NOW! They are widely raved about across the beauty community and here are a few dupe swatches I’ve found for you..
Urban Decay liners are swatched above and 2True below..
Black – Zero
Purple – Ransom
Blue – Electric
Next, you guys know how much I LOVE my Rimmel liquid liner.. 
well this is maybe as good if not better.
The formula is perfect, wet enough that it’s easy to apply and not dragging on your lids and thick enough that you still have control over where you’re applying it. The applicator is not quite as flexible as the Rimmel that I love but I feel like it will loosen up with time.
Below you can see this compared to the Rimmel (r-l) for comparison
Lastly the glossywear nail polish
How good a dupe is this?
I love this colour, is has so much depth, it’s metallic, has shades of purple randing from warm to cool and a special kind of shimmer all in one perfect little bottle. It’s relatively long wearing but I’m hard on my nails so I’m not great tester on that front but it DOES look glossy. You don’t really need a topcoat other than to aid longevity.
I’ve compared it to Nails Inc “The Mall” Below
So there are a few of my faves! 
Here’s the link to my video review

What are your favourite 2true products?


  1. 8 March, 2011 / 8:57 pm

    I like 2true but haven't used it n a while. May have to go back and have a look ;). Iv also heard alot about their liquid eyeliner. Meant to be amazing 😛


  2. 8 March, 2011 / 10:41 pm

    I am In LOVE with the Liquid Eyeliner!!! Its soooo Good I cant even stress Lol! It stays on ALL day without rubbing off and its like CARBON BLACK!

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