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So a little while ago I did a post on my favourite YouTubers of the moment and a few people asked me to do something similar for my favourite blogs. So here I go..

I discovered Maegan’s blog an age ago when I was searching for Morganite engagement rings… I was searching google images and found pictures of hers and opened up the world that is …LoveMaegan.
She does mainly outfit posts but the photography makes me want to smash my camera up because my photos will never be as good. Her blog is escapism for me, I like to see beautiful things and beautiful people and if you are like me you will love this blog!

Maegan’s Blog
Maegan’s Twitter

Kandee Johnson
Just as on my favourite YouTubers post I am sure I don’t need to introduce Kandee Johnson to you all. She is obviously a hugely popular YouTuber but I actually love her blog MORE. I loved following her pregnancy and now her baby pictures of “cupcake” and their travels.. it’s personal and more journal-like than you would think. Although Kandee is a beauty “guru” she is NOT a beauty blogger! She just blogs… about whatever she wants… and I like it!

Kandee’s Blog
Kandee’s Twitter

Pearls & Poodles
Milly is right now, to the best of my knowledge JUST a blogger. She did make videos for a time but as far as I can understand it some mean comments drove her away… YouTube’s loss for sure!
I can’t actually remember how I found her blog but the products she reviews and discusses are always of interest to me and her posts and really well planned and factual. Milly is another hair changer like myself so I love seeing what she’s doing with her hair and how she’s treating it when it gets dry and damaged. Again Milly is an outfit poster… she’s very fashion forward and although I wouldn’t wear 90% of her wardrobe… she pulls it off and I’m only jealous. You can look forward to random baking blog posts in the mix here.. it’s a lovely blog to dive into when you have an hour to spare.

Milly’s Blog
Milly’s Twitter

Jeune Marie
Danielle hasn’t blogged since Februarywhich I could cry about.
I discovered Jeune Marie on the day of her last blogpost, sadly, and then lost 3 days in it reading every post from the 4 or so years she’s been blogging. It starts with her engagement, her wedding planning, many events and interior design projects she’s worked on, Fashion, love and life. I can’t pigeon hole this blog but I was sucked in and I think you will too… and maybe if enought of us contact her she will blog again soon!

Danielle’s Blog

Creature Gorgeous
Another blog I found by chance… I think I found this one because she posted a comment on my blog… I just can’t quite remember. Her original blog was again a wedding planning one which I enjoy but she also has a post wedding blog which chronicled her surprise pregnancy and life since baby. She and her husband who she affectionately and anonymously refers to as ‘G’ are building their own house which is practically a mansion and I can’t WAIT to see how they decorate it. They are foodies too and their photographs of get togethers and of course their adorable baby son are beautiful. Another really great blog that just not enough people know about.

Her Blog

There are so many I could mention but these have been my favourites over the past few months, my die hard, must read every post faves! Some are already popular and some are not but they all shoud be!
I know that without YouTube my blog would barely have been a blip on the bloggin landscape so to have any followers at all when you don’t have a YouTube channel is pretty impressive.
I love to find new blogs so please name your favourites below or if you want to do your own favourite post then send me a link! We need to let others know about the fabulous blogs that are out there! People put so much of themselves into these little online spaces and some of them never even get read… let’s change that!

Here are a couple of “honourable mentions” that I also like…



  1. 23 May, 2011 / 10:10 pm

    I love that you've done this, I've only just started blogging properly and it's such a busy place full of so many people it's really hard to get noticed I think, so to take time out and give shout outs is really lovely <3

  2. 1 June, 2011 / 10:18 pm

    Will Deffo Check some of these Out!! 🙂 x

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