My Favourite Ebay Sellers

Hey Guys!
I know this has been requested sooo many times and for sooo long so I’m finally getting around to it!
Decided it would be easier the blog about it first… I never can remember names etc when I vlog and I can use my blog as “notes” 😀
So… here it comes!
First up..
This chick sells a ton of NYX products at quite reasonable prices
she’s a US seller so there’s no worry of fake products from China here!
This store only sells Clinique Duo shadows among other things at really cheap prices and when I ordered she accidentally sent me the wrong one… she sent me the correct one with a self address envelope for me to send the wrong one back to her… I thought it was such great customer service I had to recommend this seller!!!
This seller sells lots of random items along with some beauty products
I bought some hard candy lip glosses from them for 99p  each.. they came boxed and I had others to compare them to so I know they were genuine.. You guys are always asking where I buy brands like this from… so here’s one place!!! enjoy x
I got my two eyeshadow palettes from this seller and the free goats hair brushes I use a lot in tutorials!
I should point out that the shadows got here in pretty good condition considering they came from Hong Kong!
I recently bought similar palettes from a UK seller, they got here super fast but they were all broken up and I’m yet to hear back from the seller since I made a complaint!
I would buy from these guys again!
They are the only shops I can recommend that constantly have stock…
My tips for all of you out there looking for cheap brand products would be this…
look every day!
I prefer to buy from sellers that don’t have lots of items for sale because the items are more likely to be genuine. For example, my biggest bargain to date was when I found an ex makeup artist selling her “barely used” stock… I bought about 12 eyeshadows from her for like £35… they all came in perfect condition and they really were hardly used! I would rather buy a “lightly used” product I know will be genuine than a brand new one that you’re unsure of!
When a seller has a lot of the same thing and the prices look too good to be true… they probably are!
I’ve had my share of fakes but at the end of the day it’s impossiblt to know in advance if you’re buying a fake but ebays buyer protection programme is now so good you can afford to take the risk!
If you guys have any ebay recommendations please leave a comment ’cause I KNOW everyone loves a bargain!!!
love you guys
miss bb


  1. 31 August, 2010 / 11:40 pm

    How Long did it take for your palette to come because i ordered one but it still isnt here .?

  2. 12 September, 2010 / 2:14 am

    I bought my neutral palette from she's brill 🙂 I never considered 'fake' products because I heard Coastal Scents stuff are originally from China anyway and she sells from Hong Kong and never claims it's the same as CS.

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