My Favourite MAC Shadows

I don’t normally do this but I’ve been scheduling my YouTube videos as kind of a test for my vacation time next week and I just don’t trust the system to work so I will be posting a couple over here on my blog in the next few days as a back up. The first is today’s, my favourite MAC shadows. I will do a separate post with swatches etc if you’d like but if you just want up close photos and names you can see all of that here. These are the shadows I put together to take away with me plus I ended up getting in to my others while I was at it so if you’re interested in that kind of thing and not averse to watching a video rather than looking at pretty pictures… here it is…
Sorry if this was a frustrating post, I personally hate to see videos on a blog with no real textual content but for those that may have missed it and wanted to see.. I hope you liked it!
Miss BB

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  1. 18 March, 2012 / 12:19 am

    should have watched this before i went to the mac counter today!!! i wanted to buy a few, but ended up with only one because i wanted to check out some of the best colors!

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