My first video shoot.. Yaelle Scarves

Some of you may remember me blogging about a video I did the makeup for back in February. I shared some pictures from the day with you here. Well I thought you’d be interested to see the final film. It’s been finished for some months now but I only just found the YouTube link to get it up on my blog so… here it is..

The whole thing was done so beautifully and it was a really fun thing to be a part of. Since that video was shot Yaelle and her scarves have been featured on so one day soon when she’s a huge success it will be lovely to say I knew her once.
As I’ve mentioned in previous posts about her stuff I was never really that interested in Silk Scarves but they are just so gorgeous and unique they really do tempt me. Check out to see for yourselves. They are a little pricey with pieces starting from £85 but if, like me, you could spend that and not even know what it went on then it would be an investment in something beautiful that you would keep forever.

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