My freaky dream – continued

I started this on youtube but my camera cut out so…heres the rest.
so…. I was in vegas wanting to look for my lost baby but nobody would help me…so I went to sleep and woke up with my friend saying he would help me. Turned out it was my ex husbands family who had my baby, I went to the hotel room next door and on the doorstep was a tiny like miniature baby, I aske my friend about it but he brushed it off “just a baby”… so I opened the door and my baby was there in a bed, I switched the teeny doorstep baby for my baby in the hope they wouldn’t notice. I went back to my room trying to rally my party together and get them out before they came looking for me and the baby… I looked for my bags and for some reason I had brought (and unpacked) like 10 pairs of shoes lol…and the bag wasn’t big enough to fit them all in…arrgh! what does that mean? I have to choose between my baby and my shoes lol? anyway one of my exes family members came storming in demanding the baby, they then said they’d give me 15 mins to bring him back…. I tried to get everyone to wake up and get out and I woke up….Did I get out????
I don’t know what this means. I guess something to do with my sharing custody with my ex and also because I want another baby? But it was such a detailed dream and i NEVER remember my dreams!!!! soooooo strange… can anyone psych minded shed some light on this please? xoxo

miss bb


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