My Most Repurchased Mask


I must admit that that may not be entirely true. My most repurchased mask might be the Garnier Moisture Bomb one but you get 5 per packet with this so technically I have used more of these. They are from Masque Bar and they claim to reduce dark circles which I cannot speak to however they have definitely reduced the pigmentation I have around my eyes (malasma from pregnancy) and they make everything look fresher and plumper after a heavy night or a few days of not enough sleep. They recently launched a new version specifically for puffiness which I am dying to try but for now these are my jam. They’re pricey at £10 a pack but that gets you 5 pairs so per pair I don’t think £2 is bad at all!

I think I’m going to make my first trip (of the holilday) to Sephora this afternoon, I have my eye on a few products from Milk Makeup, one of which is a cooling under eye doodah. I had something similar from Embryolisse and loved it but the texture of the product was so soft it kind of melted/disintegrated and didn’t last long in the tube at all. It was a refreshing swipe of something under my makeup that gave me a very similar sensation to these patches so I’ll keep you posted once I’ve tested a couple more.


Something I love about these eye masks as opposed to other jelly-like bio cellulose versions is that they stick really well. The outside is a soft cottony material so you can hold them against your eye with no mess and they don’t slip around. By far the best I’ve tried and if you’re after a fast and effective eye treatment I can’t recommend them enough. I leave them on for a while though.. pretty much as long as I can stand/overnight. I even wore them on the plane! Although I then watched the finale of TVD and they were so soggy they pretty much fell off my face.

Any cool new skin care stuff you’ve heard about that you think I need to take a look at while I’m over here?



  1. 25 September, 2017 / 12:18 pm

    These eye masks works great for eye dark circles and puffy eyes. These are the best ways to soothe tired eyes. After using these eye patches you can feel super moisturized, soothed, and brightened eyes.

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