Nailease 3D Manicure

I’ve actually had these photos for a while but wasn’t sure whether I was going to review them or not but I’m spring cleaning my drafts and decided to go ahead and share my experience with you. It wasn’t a good one. I love the idea of nail wraps and the majority I’ve tried have been good. They haven’t lasted incredibly long but for a night out or an event they’re nice and pretty easy to apply. I thought the Nailease 3D version would be the same but they’re just not quite right.

Unlike others I’ve used that were like thin layers of nail polish these are more like stickers and although in theory that may sound good.. it’s not. They lift easily and they look like stickers on your nails which is not the point.. they should look like some elaborate nail art.. these give the game away.

Another issue is that they’re too thick to neatly file down. If you’ve used nail wraps before you’ll know what I mean, you fold over the ends and file them to the length of your nail but it’s so tough to get a smooth finish, most ended up jagged. I can’t say that all of the nailease wraps are the same but I’d guess the 3D range are all made of this thicker material to hold the gems and extra detailing but I’m sure they don’t have to be this bad.

Bearing in mind that as with all photos I take for my blog reviews I chose the best I think you can see that these are not a great example of what is out there and I’m sure there are better variations from other brands if you really like the idea. I’ve heard great things about the Sally Hansen nail wraps and the minute I see them in my local Boots you can expect a review but in the meantime if you have tried any that you feel like recommending leave me a comment!

The Nailease 3D Nails are available online here for £6.99

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  1. 2 December, 2012 / 7:50 pm

    This sounds like the experience I had with primark nail foils.. I tried them because they were cheap, but they were too much like stickers, lasted about 10 minutes before I pulled them off again :/

  2. 31 March, 2013 / 12:27 pm

    I tries the Sally Hansen ones as they were cheap and I got a few of them but as soon is I tried them I thought they were awful they did not really stick to my nails and they peeled off and they also had bubbles underneath them, much to my disappointment I will never by the Sally Hansen ones again because they were awful a and a waste of money.

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