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I thought I’d kick off my old school blogging month with an old school swatchathon of a brand new Naked palette.. it all feels very 2011, doesn’t it? I actually skipped the last Naked incarnation (Smoked, was it?) because after 3 I was over it. When I heard they were bringing out a FIFTH I thought, seriously? but this one is right on the  money for me. I am not a big eyeshadow wearer these days but I cannot get enough of warmer colours (usually only one at a time.. I’ve lost my sense of shadow-venture) when the urge strikes and I am really digging the number of mattes there are in this one.


Sauced and Low Blow are my bread and butter basics but Cayenne (as the name suggests) just kicks it up a notch. I know they will be my most used shades. That being said, Lumbre (I had to google, it means fire) is the prettiest golden coral that even this matte addict can’t ignore and Ember has that ‘wow’ factor too.. I’m a sucker for anything a bit duo chrome looking, they really do look like they’re (pardon the over-used term) lit from within.

Obviously the quality is good, we all know Urban Decay can deliver and these shadows pack a serious punch pigment-wise and blend like a dream. I’ve been lured over to The Balm and Lorac in recent years with their amazing matte formulas but Urban Decay will always have my heart for first introducing me to the wonderful world of talc-free eyeshadow and they still rarely let me down. The palette itself is far improved from the cardboard and tin, (I think maybe the last one was like this but again, I skipped that) mirror in the lid, dual ended brush included.. I still miss the dual ended pencil though, anyone else?

NAKED HEAT SWATCHES REVIEWI actually worked for Urban Decay when the original Naked palette came out and remember that the reason they were always out of stock is because the pencils were too difficult to manufacture. Eventually they replaced it with a brush and they flew out of the factory but I still wonder now whether that limited availability early on made the Naked brand what it is today. Would we have been so desperate to get our hands on it if there were stacks of them on the shelves? Who knows.

Will there be a sixth Naked? Would you want there to be? I’m not sure what’s left that could still even be tenuously linked (anyone else a Radio 2 listener?) to the word Naked but given the buzz around Heat I think it’s safe to say there’s a market for it if they decide that purple is the new neutral.

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  1. 1 August, 2017 / 10:42 am

    I got mine last week. It’s my first Naked palette since the original (and the basics 2 but I don’t count that) which I have loved to death. So far I’m impressed. I did a makeup look using 7 of the shades and ‘En Fuego’ was the stand out shade for me (just realised I’d called it ‘San Fuego’ in my post for some reason ) Ember swatches beautifully but didn’t translate well at all on my eye so I want to give that another go. I think it’s a palette that will get almost as much love as the original, for me anyway. I keep thinking how amazing it will be for Autumn/Winter!

  2. candice
    1 August, 2017 / 11:51 am

    This palette is seriously gorgeous!! The shades are so versatile.

    Beauty Candy Loves

  3. 1 August, 2017 / 3:35 pm

    Love this palette so much,I blogged about this today too,great mind’s think alike. YES I do think they will do no6.I think they will just carry on tbh as they are Urban Decay they can do anything:) great read xxx

  4. Jodie Wright
    1 August, 2017 / 7:45 pm

    I just got mine today and I was playing with it before I took my makeup off. I’m wearing scorched on the lid (I did have a tiny bit of fall out from it but I think I managed to wipe it all away easily enough), ashes and ember smudged into the crease and outer corner, blended out with chaser, with a bit of ounce at the edge of that. All the smudging and blending makes my eyes look like shimmery smoke. Then I put dirty talk and en fuego under the lashline just for fun. I feel like some kind of fire princess! Oh and all this was on top of shadow that had been on all day and faded and creased. I wasn’t sure the creases would blend out but they did. Since most of the palette is warm browns I think I’ll use it a lot. I’ll probably get a lot of use from lumbre as well because it reminds me of MUG cosmopolitan, which I wear all the time.

  5. Amanda
    2 August, 2017 / 3:14 pm

    Do they still do the standalone palettes? And by that I mean ‘vice’ etc. I loved those, still got a couple I hold onto for nostalgia and I remember them not being quite so expensive? I’m tempted by heat due to the rave reviews and the fact it’s not so neutral/smoky eye centric as the others but then again I feel I’d get so little wear out of it compared to my pro 3 pallet and my naked2 pallet….

  6. 4 August, 2017 / 5:40 am

    I love this palette so much! I’ve been using it a ton lately. The shades are all ones that I gravitate to the most!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  7. Terriann
    20 August, 2017 / 5:05 pm

    I bought this palette last night, whilst I was in Oxford street! I’ve yet to play with it, but from swatching it in store, I think it’s going to be a favourite!! I haven’t got any of the other naked palettes I stopped wearing makeup when I had my daughter 12yrs ago, I just didn’t have the time or energy & then daughter number 2 came along & then a son!!! So makeup was put by the wayside it’s been a couple of years now since my passion for makeup has been reignited & I’ve become a bit of a makeup junkie!! If I get on well with this naked palette, I have a feeling, I’m just gonna find an excuse, to have to buy the others!!xxx

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