Naked Palette Dupes…

Hi Guys!

Firstly thanks for all the kind and supportive message from everyone regarding the harsh hater comments left on formspring yesterday. It really means a lot that you guys would go out of your way to be outrgaed on my behalf lol.. Shows a united front to these people!!
Anywho, on to the swatching, I’d like to take this time to remind you AGAIN that this is NOT MY ARM!!!
It’s a loaner arm for the purpose of swatching… my arm was already covered in swatches from me trying to find the right colours as I went a long, Hope you like the post and here’s the link to the blog I found the original swatches from and tried to match up to (sometimes unsuccessfully I know)
This is my budget way of obtaining the unobtainable Naked Palette!!!

and here are the products I used

The toughest thing I found when finding dupes for Urban Decay colours (ever) is finding shimmers as highly pigmented! the closest I cam to any really great dupes I feel were the sahdes I had as kind of loose pigments.. very few of the pressed shadows gave the same kind of depth of colour you get from the UD palette.
So… I guess I still really do “need” the palette after all, but for the time being this excercise has at least refreshed my memory to some of the fabulous neutral shades I already own and maybe that will quench my beauty thirst… for now.

Miss BB


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