Hey Guys!
How excited am I?
I ordered my new camera today… it’s a Nikon L110
I don’t need an SLR but wanted something more than a point and shoot, this is a hybrid, it’s what they call a “bridge” camera. I’m sooo crazy excited for it to get here. I never normally watch my own videos but I thought I should check the quality so I watched one and it’s not great! sometimes the quality seems better than others which I’m assuming has a lot to do with the lighting. I figured I put so many videos out and so many of you lovely people watch them, you deserve for them to be a decent quality.

So this is the camera I’ve ordered, I love the shooting modes there are and it films in 720p so I  will be able to upload in HD more often, although it will take longer to upload and probably longer to buffer for you to watch… ahh you can’t have everything.

Has anyone else used/got this camera, any tips/pointers/reviews you wanna share with me please leave me a comment.


miss bb


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