New Makeup Room

hey guys!
I am sooo excited, I’ve finally pretty much completed my makeup room..
it’s every teenage girls dream to have her own little space in the house and I’ve finally got it… albeit a touch late but hey, I had a baby at 19 so I’m regaining my youth a little here.
I have moved my “makeup room” around to pretty much every room in the house at some point but once we decided to seriously try for a baby I decided to settle in the smallest bedroom..
It’s compact but has everything I need and it’s just a little haven of cosmetic wonders!
I have just added a computer to the room too so It’s now my youtube hub..
I am currently writing this blog from my makeup table and I’ve gotta tell you it feek GREAT
I would have KILLED for something like this when I was younger and my boyfriend is so great, he pretty much just lets me do whatever I want so I am totally spoiled to have this room all my own but we may not always have the space so I figured I’ll have it while I can.
So the main addition of the PC will now make it a zillion times easier to do a lot of youtube related stuff..
EG. celeb inspired looks – the PC is right in front of me..
answering questions or TAGS can now be done in the room set up for filming rather than downstairs with the computer..
I can hole myself up and respond to all of my comments, edit videos, post blogs etc and I will get stuff done so much quicker than when I’m distracted in front of the TV!
Plus it will be so much easier to keep track of requests!
I’m just so excited..
I’m gonna try and install a webcam and do some blogtv too.
I’ve never done it before so any help/advice is very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading/watching and generally being your fabulous selves, have a great Saturday xxx


miss bb



  1. 9 October, 2010 / 4:56 pm

    Oooh – sounds like heaven! My flat is too cramped to have even a makeup corner. All have have is part of a cupboard for my makeup – I'm dead jealous! x

  2. 9 October, 2010 / 8:34 pm

    lol…. i used to be the same… i had a drawer in the corner of my living room and had to do my makeup in a dark corner stood up lol…
    good things come to those who wait 🙂

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