New Years Resolutions


I just finished watching Fleur’s New Years Resolutions and was compelled to write my own. There were so many great things that happened in 2012 that I wouldn’t want to say I want 2013 to be better but I would be lying if I said I couldn’t benefit from a little self improvement.

The biggest resolution I’m going to make this year is to save money. I earn a modest living and have my share of bills and debt but I always feel poor. I recently took stock of my spending and was alarmed at the disposable income I should have yet don’t see as I am frittering it away on unnecessary bits and bobs without really appreciating it. In 2013 we need a new car and that will be my first challenge.. If I manage it we will be taking a big trip in 2014 to celebrate my newfound saving skills lol.

On a related note I endeavour to plan more days out that don’t involve spending money. Generally our weekends are spent shopping and though I never drop huge £££ on anything this is where all of my money is going. As it warms up there will be many visits to the nearby parks and lakes and just to keep a blogger interested we will take the camera for outfit shots.. Thinking ahead!

My third resolution is to keep my blogging/youtubing within a set timeframe and not allow it to spill over into family time. At the tail end of 2012 I’ve dedicated my weekday off to blogging and it’s been working to a degree but I need to keep it up and be better for 2013!

Diet and exercise is on everyone’s list no doubt but I really have no excuse. My work has a gym which I pay £10 a month to visit. I have an over eager colleague more than willing to join me and we can workout in our lunch break so if I can’t visit the gym 3 times a week under those circumstances I never will! This year!

Lastly I have a resolution stolen from Fleur which Lee has pushing me to do for a while.. Quit diet coke. I’m not a big drinker, don’t smoke or binge on chocolate, coke is my only vice. In 2012 I switched full fat for diet which in itself is an absolute act of god.. Nobody loved red coke more than me but in a bid to lose my baby weight I made the switch. This year I hope to wean myself off the silver cans of deliciousness altogether. I feel unwell frequently and Lee is forever worrying the chemicals in diet coke will kill me so its as much more him as it is for me that I will try to quit!

So they are my New Years resolutions, there are some big ones and if I manage even a little of them I’ll be impressed but I’m capable.. I just have to want it enough. What are you resolving to do this year?

Miss BB

I wrote this post on the wordpress app on my iPad mini so I’m excited to see how it turns out as I’m scheduling and everything.. Fingers crossed!



  1. 1 January, 2013 / 11:02 pm

    I love reading other people’s resolutions, they give me so much motivation… money and health/fitness are definitely on mine too but I particularly like your blogging one about giving yourself set time to write. I should try that, it might give me focus and stop me being sat at my computer at stupid o clock trying to finish a post I’ve been writing for hours. Good luck!

  2. 2 January, 2013 / 11:37 am

    In November I cut out Dairy & Meat & I am vowing to keep that up in 2013. Giving up fizzy drinks is a good idea & I should really add that to mine too.

    Happy NY to you

  3. 2 January, 2013 / 6:28 pm

    Great Resolutions – they definitely seem achievable! I can completely relate to the disposable income bit – 2012 was the first year I worked a full time job and had a real wage, due to previously being a student and then seasonnaire so I didn’t save a penny and, although I never splurged shopping, spent a little far too often! Oops!

    Bree xx

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