Next Gen Beauty Blenders


These are beauty blenders.. but not as you know them. I’m familiar with the original and love it for a flawless foundation application but don’t pull it out daily because.. laziness. The tiny neon ‘Micro Mini’s’ were also on my radar and I understood the idea, smaller for the eye area or to be more precise with contour etc but again.. not something I’m using on the regular. The Beauty BLUSHER however, I don’t get. Somewhere between the micro and the regular it doesn’t stand out to me as ‘worth’ buying alongside its siblings I mean really the regular does it all, you don’t need the micro but I can see its place but the blusher.. I would skip it.

BEAUTY BLENDER COLLECTION FACE CHEEK EYEThat being said, you can currently buy the 3 as a collection plus a solid cleanser for £35 which is a pretty sweet deal if you were already considering the little and large. I’ve also sampled the other 2 more innovative tools from the brand, ‘Bloterazzi’ – an on the go oil absorbing sponge – and the ‘Liner Designer’ – a silicone eyeliner guide. Bloterazzi is a great idea, I prefer to blot than add powder and can be really oily throughout the day so it’s something I’ve used a lot and would recommend as an alternative to tissues or blotting papers.. the Liner Designer however is just a bit rubbish. I’m not the target audience because much as I struggle with getting my liner even on both sides I don’t really struggle with application. This made things messy and awkward and if you really need the help I’d stick to masking tape as a guide over fiddly silicone plectrums.

I can’t help but wonder if this heavy ‘instagram’ makeup culture has taken mainstream beauty ‘essentials’ to a totally unecessary level.. that being said after the recent video of a young woman using her boyfriends testicles to apply her makeup, all of these sponges look pretty fantastic to me..



  1. Amanda
    26 April, 2017 / 1:50 am

    I’m glad to say I’ve not seen the aforementioned video

    • missbudgetbeauty
      26 April, 2017 / 11:16 am

      And you don’t want to! you can’t unsee it!

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