No Rest For The WICKED

Is your “beauty sleep” ruining your SEX LIFE???

First and foremost I LOVE overnight skin treats!
Anything that works for me while I’m asleep is fabulous as far as I’m concerned.
The promise of perfect, clear, glowing skin is an attractive proposition for many of us. If someone tells me that I can slather something (maybe anything) all over my face and wake up looking fantastic I think I can safely say I’d try it. It’s the dream really isn’t it? We would all love to think that these little beauty routines we go through each and every night are actually making a difference… We primp and polish and scrub ourselves within an inch of our lives to look better… but at what cost?
Am I alone in thinking all these miracle overnight beauty wonders do nothing for the nightime naughties?
You go to bed covered from head to toe in expensive concoctions hoping to wake up more appealing for our partner (yes yes we do it for ourselves too… whatever!)
But it’s hardly sexy is it?
We make ourselves up to go off to work looking fabulous and when you come to bed you look, well quite frankly you probably look dreadful!
Hair undone, makeup removed and in it’s place some greasy/sticky cream that would almost certainly get in the way of “love making” 
He should take one look at you and think, why bother? You may aswell put up a sign saying “not tonight”
But for many of us that’s a nightly ritual, so what’s the solution?
Well it’s a tricky one,
I would say, it’s us girls that hold all the power, if you want some action then you know you’re gonna get some! So on those occasions perhaps put off the regime until “after”…
This is a problem women all over the world face every day (or night as the case may be)
so girls…
whats your sexy-time secret?
miss bb



  1. 16 September, 2010 / 10:06 pm

    Great post! I often wonder why I get all dressed up for work, but come home, take a shower, put on my PJs or trackie bottoms and go around with mad hair and no makeup! It should be the other way around really! xx

  2. 18 October, 2010 / 8:19 pm

    Agree with SmileAllAround you are gorgeous:))) Can you tell me something that will help….I dye my hair dark and with in about 3 weeks its so light. How can I keep the color dark?????

  3. 18 October, 2010 / 8:23 pm

    Ok sexy time secret, we have 5 kids whom are now 17,16,16,16,& 12 we have been together for ever and the spark is still there. Sexy time secrets start with a date, even if its just a fire in the back yard and communication. Then for me its all about wearing a tank top to bed and he is done for ahah. My goal is to keep that flame burning after all these years. I am 34 he is 37 we are not dead yet.

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