Not So GLOSSY Box?

It seems the entire beauty community were out in force last month to celebrate the launch of the new Glossy Box. Every review you read or watched was a rave and the Full Sized Nars product they included in their debut package seemed to set the free advertising ball rolling. I joined before the first boxes were sent out but unfortunately missed the deadline so never received that all important starter box and was understandably disappointed. I suspected that the fantastic freebie would be a one off to hook in new subscribers to the service but I thought of it as a bonus for those who’d been lucky enough to sign up in time, not something you should expect monthly. However… when I did receive my first box last week I was still very much underwhelmed by its contents. Shower gel, a miniature OPI, a face serum (which I’ve since discovered you can request a free sample of online), a Lalique perfume (which I doubt would appeal to my beauty generation) and a travel sized can of Batiste. If I’m honest I think it was the Batiste that really got me.. It’s a luxury sample service, I understand we shouldn’t be expecting anything major but.. Batiste? It’s quite possibly the least luxury brand out there! I could have purchase 4 full sized cans for the price I paid for the Glossy Box service! The only item I was pleased with was the OPI. Unfortunately by the time I’d decided it was a decent sample to receive  the whole experience was tarnished by the can of dry shampoo which seemed to be mocking me. I will say this.. The packaging of the products is fantastic and this one month hasn’t put me off altogether I think it has just lowered my expectations to a level that next month a sample of Frizz Ease will be like a Chanel lipgloss. I think that they ruined it with the first month. If the first month hadn’t have been so noteworthy we would have allowed them time to get it right… it’s a new business after all but for those of us that weren’t sent our first box for free or didn’t sign up in time month two seemed like a bit of a slap in the face. They obviously know how the community works. People talk about the product, that’s what they are counting on, that’s how people heard about it, YouTube and Blogs are a hugely powerful marketing tool but then when they came to following up that massive launch it was like they chose to forget that we would all discuss and compare once again. I don’t want to harsh too much on this company and I will not be unsubscribing just yet.. at very least I think they will have to make July’s box great before the £2.95 P+P kicks in and people decide it’s not good value for money. There’s also a new service on the horizon which is currently taking a waiting list and will be Glossy Box’s direct UK competition! Boudoir Prive. I have already signed myself up of course and I don’t intend to subscribe to two such similar services so Glossy Box could be over before it begun if it doesn’t pull something fantastic out of the bag very soon.


  1. 28 June, 2011 / 6:53 pm

    mmmm i was majorly peed off with this months box! my serum was smashed, and the nail varnish is nothing different to what i have already, the perfume smells like my gran used too, the foot oil is the only thing worth mentioning. I unsubbed the day i received it, such a waste of money if you ask me. read my blogpost on it.

  2. 29 June, 2011 / 11:08 am

    The things you said in your post are relevant. They pull all of their tricks in the first box, which is why so many people were disapointed. That is before we start on the Batiste issue. I amnot really disspointed by the content of the box per se, as it is a sampling service and after seeing videos and post about similar company in other countries, I think GlossyBox doesn't do less well than the others.

    But I was dispointed by their PR. I won't go again commenting about it, but you can read my blogpost on it:

    Now they're doing a competition on their Twitter account, getting everyone excited and get people to forget how the issue got nasty over the weekend.

    Thank you for your post!

  3. 15 July, 2011 / 11:40 am

    Have you heard about the new sample box from Feel Unique? I was just wondering what your thoughts are on that one?

    Love your blog and youtube channel!

  4. 19 July, 2011 / 12:19 am

    I subscribed to glossybox back in may and have yet to receive my first box (im hoping it will arrive this week) however having to wait so long for my subscription to start and the additional postage cost has made me cancel my subscription already however for the purpose of sampling and trying new products i came across a similar site in;

    i have signed up for latest in beauty instead as they offer you the option to try 3 samples a month (1 skin care, 1 make & fragrances and 1 body & haircare product) however where as glossybox charges £10 soon to be almost £13 a month latest in beauty charges only £1 a month. you are also allowed to select your own products on latest in beauty an option not given to you by glossy box. the only point i don't love about latest in beauty so far is the fact that you pay your £1 for the samples via your mobile phone by texting number and the £1 will then be added to your phone bill/deducted from your credit but at only £1 a month its not a huge add on to a phone bill

    all in all i am more impressed by latest in beauty mainly due to the huge difference in price 12 months subscription to latest in beauty will cost you less than 1 months subscription in glossy box!

    love your youtube and honest opinions on glossybox 😀


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