Not So Permenant Ink

I have had these in my drawer waiting for the right time to review them since December and that right time just hasn’t presented itself. I wanted to showcase them in some kind of outfit post and intended to wear them for a night out and report on their longevity.. of course being the mother of a 4 month old baby.. the nights our are few and far between so I’ve decided to best test them out I’m going to take them along with me to Vegas next week. I will take some photos and let you know how well they wear.
I’m a big fan of temporary tattoos, I have the real kind too almost all of which I regret and had there been such realistic looking fakes ten years ago I may never have had one at all. I used the Urban Decay versions every day when I worked on counter and the quality is far improved from the little bubble gum freebies you used to get as a kid so don’t let past experience put you off. 
Why not adorn yourself with realistic body art without the painful application or lifetime commitment?
You can find InkWear here (link) and from what I can see the tattoos start from £1.99. They also offer custom designs which start at £4 but you can have anything you like on a transfer! how cool is that?
I think my favourite is this one (link)
Look out for a full review coming soon…

Miss BB


  1. 8 March, 2012 / 1:26 am

    I love the birds of a feather one! I can't wait to hear your review 🙂

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