Not Your Average “GURU”

Hey Guys!

I had such an overwhelming response to my “not your average guru” video I thought I would blog a little about it using the notes I made in preparation.
Hopefully i can be more eloquent via my blog than I am on my channel.

Everytime i feel myself being sucked in to the “keeping up with the jones’s mentality i have to check myself… i’m already a jones and I’m fine with who I am!
You guys need to know that for the past 6 months iI have not had a lot of money and if i’m spending a lot on makeup i’m probably walking to work that week as a result or (this has really happened) I’m going without lunch to buy nail polish 😮
It’s an addiction folks but youtube has made it sooo much worse!
One of the messages I wanted to get out in the rambled jumbled up video is that you do not need to get in to debt buying makeup..
Iv done it and it’s ridiculous!
I have a lot of young viewers and i think it’s important you know this is all trash viewing and none of it really matters, we’re not the great thinkers of the world, we’re just talking about makeup and hair and all that other shallow stuff  that really doesn’t mean anything to anyone other than us.
I love to watch those gurus that have their hair and makeup all perfect ,
They are selling an image and i’m buying,
I love it! But that will never be me..
Lifes too short to blowdry your hair every day
If i worried so much about what i looked like 80% of my videos would never have been made,
I like to have fun with it and i love the feedback i get when people tell me they like that i’m not like every other guru, i’m not only about high end products and i’m willing to get dirty in the name of entertainment..
I mean my hair dyeing videos are ridiculous.. and what about my st moriz review? LOL
There are lots of things I never did before youtube
I never bought one mac product before youtube
I never bought an item just because it was limited edition
I never spent so much money in such a short space of time on selfish products only I can use
I never bored anyone with my makeup/youtube talk
on the flipside..
I never had a hobby
I never had so many people interested in what i had to say
I never had anyone to show my pictures to (I’m a compulsive picture taker)
I never knew I could make pocket money doing something I loved
I never knew there was a whole community of like minded people out there
I never knew my boyfriend would be so supportive of anything I did and I love him more for it 🙂
I’ve never achieved anything i felt like i could be proud of
So if you are thinking about making youtube videos or if you already are…

Be prepared for horrible people to make you think you are no good,
They will make you question who you are and possibly even change you
Just remember to always come back to yourself and remember why you did this in the first place..
It’s just fun, it’s not supposed to make you feel like crap!

Don’t give up ‘cause its those haters that confirm that you are fabulous, otherwise why would they waste their time?

I know it’s kind of a jumble of messages but it’s a lot of stuff that I’ve wanted to say and rather than make seperate subject for each of them I just hashed them all together!

My overall message is that youtue is fabulous as long as you are having fun!
Once the fun is gone what’s the point?
I don’t do it to be hated on but i know it comes with the territory.. The lovely comments I get from you guys far outweigh the aweful ones from the horrible people that have nothing going on in their own lives!
And don’t make the fabulous people on Youtube make you feel rubbish either.
Some people really do get out of bed and look awesome… I’m not one onf them but i’m also not one that can be bothered to work on myself for an hour every morning before work so you get what you get.
Sometimes I look good sometimes I look like crap but I’m always me!
I feel i lost my way a little in the world of youtube and trying to be like the popular gurus.. like if I act/dress/look like them maybe I’ll be as successful! It doesn’t work like that. I’ve seen videos of girls fronting and it comes across so fake.. I want to “get to know” the girls I’m watching which is why i don’t have a ton of subscriptions and I weed out the ones i dont watch regularly.
I’m pretty harsh as a viewer which is partly why I try so hard to create a video that I would want to watch.
I’ll admit sometimes a get a bit video happy and put out like 10 for the sake of it but I have fun with it so i hope you do too!
I always welcome feedback and constructive critisism.
I know my lighting sucks, I’m no good with tutorials and I’m never prepared but that’s all part of my charm right? right??? lol
perseverance in the key so I’m just gonna keep at it till you tell me to stop.

This was a monster post already then I just rambled on some more sorry!!|
Thanks to you all for following my blog, i love knowing people are reading what I write,
I blogged years ago but without youtube I would never have found an audience so yeah it’s changed me but it’s also opened up a fabulous world I can’t ever imagine wanting to leave..
so, to youtube!
and all of my readers/followers/viewers and subscribers,
I LOVE YOU & I’m sorry if you think i suck 🙂 I’ll try harder


miss bb



  1. 10 October, 2010 / 9:43 pm

    Loved your video, I commented on it! I haven't had any haters yet but there again, I don't think many people know me on YouTube yet. I love your vids! Can't believe you've only done it for 6 months. I thought it was longer, lol. xxx

  2. 8 November, 2010 / 10:36 am

    GREAT blog post & video!! 🙂

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