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You may remember earlier in the week me posting about a lovely little golden scrub from Next, well consider this step 2 in your party glow. Now I myself am not huge on shimmery lotions so I wont lie to you and say I’m using this every night, I’m not. I do however now feel 100% more confident going out bare legged for the first time since I had my son a year ago. It says on the box that it’s a ‘toning’ souffle.. I usually scoff at these claims but in this case it is the illusion as opposed to a deep down effect. There are many fancy ingredients that I’m sure are doing very special things but given that you’re unlikely to be applying this nightly I will stick with reviewing the visible improvements. The tiny particles of golden glitter do give me an almost sunkissed glow which in turn makes everything appear smoother and less..wobbly. The concoction contains both argan oil and shea butter, both of which are aces in my book and scented with frankincense an myrrh the whole thing smells like Christmas in a jar. It would be a very nice gift to give or recieve and if you’re looking to treat yourself before this years Christmas party you can’t go far wrong with this. The only issue I have is the price, £24.95 for 250ml from a “luxury brand” fairly standard but this isn’t your average lotion and if like me you’re likely to use it once in a blue moon I just can’t justify the cost. If the sheen was more subtle or didn’t transfer quite so terribly on to clothing then perhaps I would reach for it more often but this is best suited to a party girl (or guy) that will use this every weekend or gifted to someone you think would really appreciate it. The whole package feels expensive and I definitely think if this is your thing it’s worth the splurge but unfortunately it’s not really mine.

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