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IMG_3674I got a bit carried away while testing these so apologies for the messy swatches below.. I’m choosing to blame the remaining cold medication that’s still floating around in my system.. neater swatched next time, I promise. I haven’t heard all that much about the brand so I’d be interested to know if any of you have tried anything. They have a decent selection of products for a new line, from lipstick to these cool double ended eye pencils, lots to interest this junkie.

IMG_3680The chunky crayons looked cool so I was most excited to try those.. unfortunately they were the most disappointing. Three out of four were hard and scratchy.. not at all the texture you would want directly next to your eyeball!! The only pencil worth using was the teal ‘shimmer’ which was actually a really beautiful, creamy metallic.. if they were all like that I’d be singing their praises but alas.. no. Each duo has a shimmer side and a glitter side, glitter liners always have the potential to be uncomfortable but really.. I think they just could have done better.

The eyeshadows were considerably nicer, very soft and blendable. I chose three particularly autumnal colours so expect to see them in a GRWM video soon as they are really quite nice to work with. That being said, the price point is high.. for a new brand competing with others such as Makeup Revolution charging £5 for a single eyeshadow is a bit daft. The packaging is okay, it feels cheap, there’s secondary packaging with each shadow that makes it look a little less basic but still. Rimmel eyeshadow may not be grand but it’s great quality and it’s 51p cheaper.. maybe it’s just me but budget beauty is getting more and more competitive and it takes something special to make an impact.

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  1. 27 October, 2014 / 2:01 pm

    the teal is pretty but nothing feels like a must-have

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