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Remember I was going to swatch all of these for you? I decided against it. I knew I couldn’t wear them all and thought a few of them would do.. but what to do with the rest? GIVEAWAY! Today marks day one of giveaway week over on my YouTube channel so if you’re interested you can go and check that out here.. the first video will be up at 12 and I will have one every single day this week! Excited? Each day has a theme and I think Thursdays (from memory) is NYC so keep your eyes peeled! Anyway…

The nail polish! I love foil anything and I’ve said it before, this is just as good (formula wise) as the limited edition Essie collection last year. Opaque, bottle colour in only one coat and these are a great deal more chip resistant than their more expensive counterparts too so I’d definitely recommend you give them a go if you like the finish. Just a note, in my initial review I said they chipped easily – this must have been a fluke as they’ve performed brilliantly since. That said I know it’s not for everyone and this green is not my favourite shade but as green nail polish goes.. I like it. I’m wearing Seche Vite over top here which is super glossy, hard wearing and quick drying, the NYC also dries fast so when I’m short on time a foil explosion/Seche Vite combination is my go to. I have reserved one final colour (Enchanting Fire) to NOTD for you but I’m not holding out much hope for loving that.. it’s a kind of bronze, red shade.. the problem with metallics is that they can come of frosty and dated and if ever that was to happy I think it’s going to be with Enchanted Fire.. we will see!

Available online here for £1.99

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  1. 1 July, 2013 / 12:10 pm

    What a gorgeous colour, looks lovely on the nails – will be keeping my yes peeled for these xxx

  2. 1 July, 2013 / 4:43 pm

    LOVE this colour! Only £1.99? Perfect. This reminds me of the triangle chocolates you get in a quality street box 🙂

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