Obsession Of The Day – 09/10/10

That’s right my virtual little friends..
Todays obsession has been makeup brushes!
I think I must have watched every youtube video and read every blog I could find relating to this topic. I’ve watched reviews, hauls, VS videos and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all pretty much just conjecture and presonal opinion so I’m gonna order myself some CROWN brushes (coz they’re cheap) and then offer my very own personal opinion on MY channel!
That’s the done thing right? Then some other sap just like myself, looking for cheaper alternatives to Sigma and MAC will happen across my wonderful video, take no notice of my advice and make their own mind up… just as we all perhaps should most of the time!
What did we do before youtube/blog reviews?
I can’t remember!
Don’t get me wrong, I love that people watch my videos to see what I am going to recommend/how I rate a product I have tried… but ultimately one mans trash is another mans treasure so no one person can really ever review a product just as you would can they?
I say.. on this day 09/10/10 lets all go out and learn from our own mistakes..
I should mention that theres only 10 more GMT minutes of this day left so make them count.
Do something fantastically frivolous and seek no advice prior to the act.
Good Luck
Good Night
miss bb

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