Obsession of The Day 10/10/10

Jennifer Aniston… style icon for millions of women all over the world..
I have lusted after her hair for many many years… in fact it’s probably over a decade now!
As a teen I had “the rachel” and as a 20 something I still covert her fabulous barnet
I think right now I’m the closest I’ve ever been.
My hair colour is really natural, not too blonde/too brunette it’s just perfectly in the middle.
I think with a tan it would look a lot more like hers but right now all pasty faced it’s not really working quite the same way.
That’s why she has such a tough look to emulate.
She’s of Greek heritage and has a natural olive complexion and very dark hair and eyes.
She’s really quite beautiful but the lighting changes from picture to picture and so it’s impossible to tell what she actually looks like!
For all I know my hair now is exactly the same shade, the only reason I feel like I’m so far off the look is because… I don’t look anything like her LOL
so this week I shall tan and then we’ll see…
I may have a few caramel streaks put in prior to the wedding..
I haven’t been to a pro hairdresser in literaly years so maybe this is the right time to take in a photo.
I promised I would update with my obsession daily so here I am, I put out a monster blog post minutes earlier than this so I’m sorry I’m rambling on about nothingness again but if you’ve read this far you must be a really die hard fan, I love you for that!!!
Who’s your hair inspiration right now?
miss bb

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