Obsession Of The Day 12/10/10

Yesterday I took a chance on a new face wash..
I recently reviewed a few on my YT channel and as a result had a ton of recommendations from my fabulous subscribers!
This was one of them..
When I saw it at a NEW INTRODUCTORY PRICE in superdrug I knew I was fated to buy it.
I’ve used it only once and I LOVE it!
Much like the Loreal “scrublet” I bought in to the scrubby end more than anythig else..
although I did like the part that said it “fades marks”! I have a lot of scars on my face, not bad but noticeable to me from previous acne/breakouts (which by the way are not getting better with age!!!)
So I didn’t hold out much hope for the product inside as I’m almost always disappointed!
Unless it’s got some kind of exfoliator I can’t really tell whether one wash works better than another… I want an instant cleaner feeling and this totally gives you that.
The scrubber is fantastic, a zillion times better than the Loreal scrublet… a ZILLION!!!
And the wash gets a real good lather up… I honestly have seen an improvement after 1 day!
I got my MR to use it on my back as I suffer from “backne” (eeuugghh)
and even there it seems to have made a big improvement.
I may well be a convert!
I have used it once so It’s not a perfect time to start taking photos but today is better than tomorrow!
I will take photos of my face/back… (Ok I probably will need assistance taking photos of my back :p) and I will post my results after a week..
My back will be a better test because I don’t really use anything to control my breakouts there so there will be no other forces at work.. where as my face I will moisturise and use other treatments.
So.. all in all, one day in I love this product and I have high hopes that in a weeks time I will be able to tell you all, hand on heart, that there is no other product that’s worked so well for me!Has this new revelation worked for you??
Leave me some lovely comments if so!
miss BB

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