Obsession Of The Day 15/10/10

Hey guys! I’m going to London tomorrow bright and early… so I will be MIA for the weekend.. no doubt that will be a lovely rest for some – I found the posts on http://gurugossip.omgforum.net/lesser-known-gurus-f60/ yesterday and in truth… they have been a secondary obsession of mine today! I shouldn’t let it get to me but I’m only human.. guess I’m lucky the worst that’s been said so far is that I enjoy youtube too much and upload too often! Oh and that I’m upset by haters – but that’s a given…
I didn’t intend to post about it but it was just so irritating… I will try my level best not to check that site again.
This post was s’posed to be about city style and packing for a weekend lol… I was gonna do a lil video about it but the hateful comments kinda put me off filming altogether so I’m gonna take a couple of days off… maybe I do bombard you all … if so I’d rather know that be bashed on some forum. Nobody’s ever complained to me, I always respond to comments etc… uuugghhh!!! I really didn’t mean to get in to all that crap… Maybe I’ll do a belated London video when I get back my mojo.
ANYWAY I have to go lay out my clothes and pack a bag (it’s nearly midnight and the taxi comes at 6.10am eek!) so I’d best be going… I thought I would express my excitement and let you all know I’ll be tweeting and twitpicing a lot this weekend so BE WARNED!

see you guys later

miss bb

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  1. 17 October, 2010 / 12:14 am

    Hi Khila! 🙂 I'm Bourjois__x off YT & Twitter.

    Just wanted to say that I and many other fellow followers think you're great!! Them sad pathetic people on that website need to grow up and move on. They are jealous because you have your own style and taste that they can't have!

    I love watching your videos and can't wait to watch the next ones you post and I love reading your blog.

    This is your hobby and something you do to get away from the everyday rushes off life, which is what everyone does in many different ways! Mine is actually spent watching YT vids after work… It is crazy how YT can become such an addictive website to go on!!!!

    But anyway, I think you're great and you wouldn't have so many subscribers if they didn't think you were either!

    Keep posting and smiling 🙂

    Lauren x

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