Obsession Of The Day 26/10/10

You can’t pass one US makeup storage video without one and I want one!  sorry not want… NEED!
I’ve scoured the internet and found maybe one or two on ebay going for around £30/£40 which I think is pretty excessive for what is essentially a plastic shelving rack… but needs must.. and I MUST have a nail polish rack! I REALLY want two if I’m honest.. one for polishes and the other for miscellaneous cosmetics such as individual eyeshadows/blushes.. but that’s just being greedy right?
Does anyone know a permanent stockist in the UK or somewhere cheaper than ebay?
I think it will have to be my next extravagance as every day I sit at my vanity and see my nail polishes teetering on my mirror I die a little inside.. I’m not being dramatic it’s really THAT important!I shall have one… and soon but here are the kinds of things I’m left looking at online in the meantime.
miss bb

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