October Style Crush

This month (and always :p) I am LOVING Sienna Millers style.
She always looks so effortlessly put together.
Her style fits in with my lifestyle really well… and my body type!
She wears a lot of of skinny jeans and bagguy tops, accessorising with scarves and fabulous handbags.. She wears a flat just as well as a heel and her hair looks so beautifully UNdone!!
Ok so I pretty much would die to wake up tomorrow and BE Sienna Miller but as that’s not going to happen I’ll settle for emulating her style. I am planning my wardrobe for my upcoming London Trip and I think if I’m going to have a style icon for inspiration it’s gonna be the gorgeous Sienna!
For sure there shall be some fashion posts coming soon so watch this space!
Who’s your Style Crush right now? I flit between so many different celebs but I hover of Sienna often.. she really is the epitome of relaxed glamour…
I like to think she really has to work at her look but let’s face it, some people are just naturally stylish and the rest of us will spend our lives trying to chase an impossible dream!
you’ve either got it… or you haven’t!
miss bb

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  1. 8 October, 2010 / 10:12 pm

    I love Sienna's style as well – it's a shame she's not my body type! I'm loving Chloe Sevigny's style as well

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