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I was taking Milo’s 8 month photo’s today and couldn’t resist sharing this with you guys. I thought rather than just post a random picture I’d take the opportunity to shamelessly promote my baby blog/YouTube channel. Most of you are aware I do the beauty and the vlogs etc but I’m always surprised when people ask to see more of Milo.. he has a whole host of videos online.. I obviously just haven’t mentioned them enough. Even as a parent I hate other peoples kids being shoved down my throat (weird visual) so I wanted to keep all that stuff totally separate but it seems I’ve done it so well seems that it’s practically a secret! For those who don’t know I have an almost 7  year old (eek) daughter too but as she’s getting older I’m shielding her more from my internet hobby. I’m sure there are people out there that speculate I am favouring Milo but that’s not the case at all, he’s baby and she’s at the age where she understands everything and the last thing I want is her videoing herself and putting it online. It’s that awkward age between child and teen that’s very difficult to pinpoint as a parent but she’s already growing up so fast, I don’t want to speed it up. Anyway.. I will still film family holiday vlogs etc but I thought I’d give a brief explanation as to why Milo features more heavily.

I blogged all through my struggle to conceive my second baby as well as my pregnancy, his arrival and his month by month updates. I also try to capture little bits of personality here and there to share with you and for use to look back on. I had a video camera when Ella was a baby but I have no way of watching/transferring the discs yet.. as soon as I have I will edit some bits of her too. YouTube is an amazing tool really, I have home movies of me when I was a child but if the tapes are lost they’re gone forever. YouTube enables us to keep memories for generations regardless of where we are in the world.

This post got away from me a little.. what I really wanted to say is go and check out my baby blog, here and Milo’s channel here!


I found this post in my drafts and most of the links are no longer relevant as I don’t update my Baby Blog or channel anymore as of his 12th month (in fact I may have missed that on his blog – oops) but it seemed so relevant to recent comments regarding Ella not featuring in vlogs as much that I thought I would post it. Also if you’re pregnant, trying for a baby or have a newborn you may find some interesting stuff over there so why not take a peek?

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  1. 24 February, 2013 / 12:27 am

    He is so adorable honestly.

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