Oh! Olivia Palermo

Until now I feel I have totally missed out on the Olivia Palermo love-fest that has swept the fashion community. I disliked her intensely in The City and switched off because of her and her alone. In spite of this I find myself strangely drawn to her. She looks pretty darn fabulous in everything she wears and her hair… *sigh* her hair! Now I’ll admit she has worn some pretty terrible outfits (in my opinion). She definitely pushes the boundaries of her personal style but all the same.. here are some of my favourite shots of her…

She just makes it look so effortless… you can see why I hated her for so long!
I am seriously lusting after her glossy locks too. The worst thing is my hair is very similar to her natural colour and I have dyed it for so long it’s probably never going to grow out to its natural state because I just don’t think I could stand the regrowth but oh how I wish I could. Actually while I’m wishing for things I wish this hair colour had been trendy when I was 11 and still had it!
Is it me or does she look really similar to Willa Holland from The OC?
No? Just me then.


  1. 28 June, 2011 / 5:01 pm

    She has very thick hair… i have thin hair and it does get stuck at a certain length…. we just have to stick with it if we want longer hair…. if we can spend the time on other things ie.. face masks, facials, we whiten our teeth… we use various creams, lotions, tonics, exfoliate our face & body why cant we give our hair a lot of TLC with hair masks, i use coco nut oil on the ends then pleat it this help keep the end healthy, also olive oil and honey on the ends as a mask for a few hours at nite…. have a look at berlinbaby on youtube… I got lots of tips from her on hair styles and care. xxx

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