Oil free moisturisers – REVIEW

I have been trialing some moisturisers for you guys recently and these are my thoughts…
They are all oil free/matte or spot fighting but all very different in their own ways..
First Up
Simple Spotless Skin : Anti Blemish Moisturiser
it’s a good moisturiser… it went on a little thin and it was sort of sticky… it did sink in but it did absolutely nothing for my skin – spot-wise! I’m told by my loyal subscribers on YT that this is fabulous for those with extremely oily skin… I didn’t really benefit. Of all of the ones I bought to review I persevered with this one the longest because I so wanted it to work, I used it at a time when me skin would definitely have shown visible results as I was suffering from terrible breakouts.. but this product did NOTHING!
all in all… I give it a 4/10
For the following reasons..
It does moisturise… It does have a kind of mattifying effect BUT the brand has sold this as a big spot fighting wonder product and for me it just was not at all. Simple!
Clean and Clear – Oil Free – Dual Action Moisturiser
Now this is a product I can endorse..
I’ll admit I have been using this for several years so maybe it’s at an unfair advantage… but there’s a reason I’ve repurchased this so many times… IT WORKS!
I can use it as a moisturiser and it generally keeps spots at bay… OR, what I find fantastic about this one is if I have a bad breakout I can put a good dollop of this stuff on while I’m watching the tele and in a couple of hours you can see a huge improvement and it doesn’t dry out the affected area because … IT’S A MOISTURISER!!! haha! It’s fabulous! If I use tea tree oil … yes it shrinks the breakout but it leaves me with flaky dry skin… this is like another world of spot fighting..
I am awarding this product 10/10
I am yet to find a fault with it, some people tell me it’s not moisturising enough for them but for me it’s fantastic and I recommend you all go out and buy it, it’s CLEARLY the best 😉 x
The next two in the range are more daytime oil free…
OE – dsf 10 – Mattifying Lotion
This is the skincare range from the Royal Effem
I was lucky enough to be sent some items to try out and since I recieved this product I have worn it under my makeup every day… and also the days I haven’t worn makeup.
I have to say, I LOVE IT!
It goes on creamily, It’s a lovely thick formula, not what you would expect from a matte lotion
It sinks in quite quickly… you can put your foundation or primer on withing 2/3 mins of putting it on which I think’s pretty good going. It’s not a bidget product and not something I would normally have shelled out for but having trialled it I think it is something I would re-purchase…
It remains to be seen as I mentioned on YT … once this pot is empty I will let you know if I loved it enough to go buy it but I replaced my Clinique DramDif lotion for this and I have seen an improvement..
i don’t know if it’s the “organic elements” or what but my skin really does feel smoother!
I give this product a 7/10
I really like it.. but I think the price tag is a little steep… I know “you get what you pay for” and organic products do cost more, I think those of you that love organic would love this… but for me budget has to come in to play.. and I’m on one lol.
Garnier Pure – Long Lasting Shine Control Moisturiser
I bought this with high hopes because I use to LOVE the nightime garnier pure gel thing (whatever it was called) It used to cost somewhere in the region of £7 but it would get rid of any breakouts and leave my skin feeling really smooth..so when I got this home I was expecting a daytime equivalent..
This wasn’t quite what I wanted.. I tried this on my off days without makeup and I tried it underneath..
Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to throw it out… It will get used possibly as a primer occasionally and it will live on my dressing table but I just don’t feel it had any stand out qualities..
It did have that old garnier smoothing feel but it wasn’t THAT matte and I know it doesn’t claim to fight spots but it does say “sebum control” and it definitely didn’t help my skin when I broke out… some people have reported this moisturiser has dried their skin out… I didn’t have that problem I just didn’t really think much of it… it was ok… and that’s probably as much of a review as I’d give… who knows.. I might change my mind over time if I keep using it, sometimes when you combine products you find a miracle mix…]I just don’t see anything special about this on its own.
So I’m giving it a 5/10
It moisturises… It kind of controls shine, I think I was expecting more of this product than it was actually possible, but either way I was disappointed!
So obviously I have a winner!
I’ve always love that clean and clear product even though I’ve never been a fan of much else from their range..
If you have any questions of thoughts please leave me a comment I’d love to hear from you and if there are any products you’d like me to review please feel free to leave me a request xxx
miss bb


  1. 14 August, 2010 / 12:43 pm

    I'm also a fan of Clear & Clear products. One of the best products I've used by them is the Sensitive foaming facial wash, unfortunately they don't have them in the uk anymore, booo xx

  2. 15 August, 2010 / 1:46 am

    oh no way! i've never tried it now i guess i never will 🙁 *sob* thanks for reading xxx

  3. 30 October, 2015 / 5:13 pm

    I give this moisturiser a 10/10 as well!! Loved your review. xx

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