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IMG_3995I’m a huge Ole Henriksen fan but the full size products are pricey and it’s tough to shell out for a £30+ face cream with no guarantee it will work for you. This is why I love these kits so much, a great way to get a taste of the brand without wasting your money. There are plenty of combinations to choose from but ‘The Works’ includes a good selection from different categories for those who are totally new to OH. So let’s take a look inside the box..

  • African Red Tea Cleanser 45ml: Boasting a soothing and non-drying formula that will remove even the toughest of makeup, this luxurious foaming cleanser is gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin. African red tea extract will strengthen the skin’s outer layer and slow the ageing process, whilst moisturising borage seed oil acts as an astringent and an anti-inflammatory. High in antioxidants, the cleanser also contains stimulating vitamin C and purifying grapefruit, orange and tangerine extracts that will brighten up your complexion.

Something I’ve used in the past but not something I’d repurchase. It’s a nice enough cleanser but I’m just as happy with other less expensive cleansers I’ve tried.

  • Truth Serum Collagen Booster 15ml: Packed with antioxidants to target environmental aggressors, this smoothing treatment is formulated with a high powered vitamin C complex which will smooth out lines and wrinkles to leave your skin looking more youthful. Rich in moisture binding ingredients, it will also nourish, strengthen and restore your skin to keep it looking firm and healthy.

One of my favourite, favourite serums. It smells AMAZING! Completely delicious and (as you’d imagine) of oranges. It’s a little sticky so not something I’d use in the day but overnight I really do feel that it brightens and softens my skin and I would be happy (although I may wince when handing over my card) to buy the full size of this.


  • Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil 15ml: Made with 100% concentrated rose hip seed oil which is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, this powerful oil is lightweight yet luxurious. Absorbing quickly into your skin, it works to heal, hydrate and nourish in one simple step, leaving your skin looking brighter and smoother.

This I haven’t tried yet but I”m excited to. I’ve used A LOT of facial oils and they’re all much of a muchness in my opinion however Ole Henriksen is a pretty innovative brand so I’m looking forward to see if they have anything special to offer.

  • Sheer Transformation Cream 15ml: Designed to fade freckles, age spots and sun damage without the use of chemicals, this luxurious, oil-free cream will penetrate your skin to smooth lines, retexturise your complexion and provide protection from free radical damage. Formulated with Actiwhite™ and licorice to correct discolouration, the cream also contains vitamins and fruit acids to give your skin a smooth and healthy appearance.

Another hero product for me, I actually had no idea it was supposed to help fade marks and that’s something I actively seek out and have paid through the nose for in products in the past which haven’t made a scrap of difference. This really did even out my skin tone and I haven’t used it for a prolonged period so I’d be excited to see the results if I did.

  • Lemon Strip Flash Peel 15ml: Formulated with lactic, glycolic and fruit acids to exfoliate and resurface your skin, this fabulous treatment increases cell turnover, brightens your skin tone and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, so your complexion looks smoother and more youthful.

I’ve had a sample of this before, my skin tends to respond well to glycolic acids so no surprise I liked this.. that being said I would probably purchase the Sheer Transformation over this purely because I know it works well and it would replace another product in my daily routine. Of course as I age and become more consious of fine lines etc I will likely invest in anything I can get my hands on that claims to reduce them!

If you are looking to get a taste of Ole Henriksen this kit would be perfect but of course it is designed as a gift and if I received this I’d be more than happy!

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  1. Jackie
    13 May, 2015 / 12:46 pm

    I’ve used Ole Henriksen’s products before and the Truth Serum is decent but not my fave. Not a super huge fan of the Orange 6 pigment and it’s not strong enough for my taste. I’ve had better results with Cosmetic Skin Solutions. Big fan of their Sheer Transformation creme; I always get the small .5 oz bottle (I think) from Sephora cause its cheaper.

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