One Week Anniversary

Today marks two celebrations for me.. my 26th birthday and 1 week of being Mrs McDaid (still so bizarre). I’ve started the process of changing my name on all things legal and it’s so strange.. as you know I was married before but I didn’t take his name (should have know, eh?) so I’d kind of thought I’d have my name forever. When Lee and I got engaged I just knew I would take his name.. but I’ve always liked being a Jones and it will take some getting used to. 
For those (and there are many of you) asking about the video.. I’m working on it ‘m just trying to give myself a break after the short notice wedding planning I had a few videos in the bank and knew I could afford to relax a little.. I do have some bits and pieces I plan to edit together and will add in the photos etc. I’m not going to leave you all hanging as some feared. I did put up pictures as soon as I could but I know some are still waiting on the video so I thought I should address it.. I intend to have it all edited in time for a Valentines Day upload (seemed appropriate) sorry if that’s forever but like I said.. it’s coming I’m just taking my time while I have the luxury to do so.
Miss BB

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